Sunday, November 6, 2011


Today I have a tasty little treat you ladies today GOSH Rainbow from my little Nerdy Line in Denmark and that will be layered over a sneaky little gift  from Claudia in the Netherlands called GOSH Forest Floors
and with a nice little twist at the end 

 With Flash

No Flash

GOSH Rainbow & Forest Floor Matte-fied
 First I started taking just regular no flash pictures 

 Then I tried with flash and it ruined it's true beauty

So back to No Flash I went I am in love with this combo hence the bajillion of pictures of it I officially think all flakies should be mattefied especially if they all end up looking this amazing
I hope you ladies enjoy!!

I forgot to mention that my favorite place to look at it is in the shower or when using the tinkle it has the best lighting and is actually where I take a majority if not all my pictures