Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Hello from Violent Lips is  A new fun and flirty way to say hello
 I would like to say to things first I am way excited share this with all of ya'll and I apologize in advance for my first application I promise it will get better with each one but it was fun doing up my makeup and sharing this with ya'll

Comes in with 3 applications with the prices ranging from $9.99 to $14.99and for 3 applications I think it's fun and there are SO many different designs to choose from that you cans see at Violent Lips.
I have a bunch I will be sharing with over the next couple of weeks I think except for my uncoodinated self they were very easy to apply and as a show one by one how I get better each time you can see the tutorial video I will post at the end I am also thinking of combining a few into one package to have a give away if you girls are ok with having a single application of a few different ones let me know in the comments below 
 My makeup I think I did such a great job!!!
*little flirty side glare*

I overall really like them and I think once I learn how to use them properly I will really like them more you can purchase your own Violent Lips by clicking HERE.
If you would like to stay in the loop and always see the new and exciting designs that Violent Lips is always coming out with you can follow them on their Twitter or like their Facebook

And also if you want to see how they look on a different shape of lip and her designs you can check out my friend Lindsey's blog Neverland Nail Blog


  1. OMG, I love those,but as I've gotten older my upper lip has almost disappeared,I need lip injections. You look great!

  2. This looks so great on you =D!!! I love this design too, the pink is way cute! Thanks for linking me, love =]!

  3. i love it !!! you lookin' HAAAWT !!!!!! as usual lol !!! ilove the pink !!!

  4. Hahaha I love them!!! I want these!


  5. This is blowing my mind and explains so much of the crazy lip patterns I've seen around... so how do they FEEL? I want to imagine you just go about your business and barely notice (like those super-stay lipsticks) but am wondering if they feel more like stickers? Ahhhh can't get my brain to figure this one out! :)