Friday, October 14, 2011

Jamberry Nails Review and a SURPRISE Announcement

Hey Everyone I have something fun and exciting to share with ya'll today I will be doing a review for 

I am gonna start by saying this to pick the design I wanted to review was so hard there are so many fun designs to choose from, First you think you want this design but then you see that design but I am so pleased to say I am loving this design so much so that I shared the other half of them with my roomie so she can try and share how she feels about them as well so I said that to say this, from 1 sheet yes 1 sheet the sheets look like this
Five of the Nail Shields can do 10 Fingers as well as several bigger ones to show your toes some of the 
Nail Shield love!!!

Jamberry Nail Shields is the newest way to add a little pizazz to your fingers and toes and for nail art challenged people like myself this makes things a little easier as well as have a fun and professional design without ever going to the nail salon!!!

The Nail Shields only take a few minutes to apply and are very easy. There is no dry time, they are chip-resistant, and lots of bright colors with no staining involved.
You can watch this video to see the application process
These fun and easy Nail Shields can last on fingers for up to two weeks and six weeks on the toes

Here are a few designs to get ya'll pumped and excited

See how fun and pretty ladies you can now achieve the amazing designs that we see alot of our favorite bloggers doing 

This is also a hot new craze among the hottest and brightest stars in Hollywood
Fergie looking FIERCE with Jamberry Nail Shields

Now onto my Jamberry Nail Design Nails
Oooops had a little mess left over.
There we go!!

Jamberry Nails Decorative Black  No Flash

With Flash

 Decorative Flash with Frizzy Spots W/ Flash

No Flash

My overall opinion is that they were fun and easy to do I would recommend these to anyone who wants to have the fun and crazy nail designs without all the hassle and if you are interested in getting your own Jamberry Nail Sheilds you can go here.

You yes you can have a chance to get your own set of Nail Shields in a design of your choice
Jamberry Nails has decided to host a giveaway for my lovely followers
This giveaway will be open till November 5, 2011 at 11:59 pm EST.
and you MUST comment in the comments with the following
This Giveaway is only open to U.S. Followers only Sorry International ladies
Please Include your email this will be used to contact the winner only

1st Entry MANDATORY go to Jamberry Nails and tell us your 2 Favorite Designs
1 entry you Must be a follower of The Exotic Lacquer please include your GFC
1 entry like Jamberry Nails on Facebook please include your facebook name 
2 entries share this giveaway on your facebook via your blog, facebook, or twitter please include the link

You have FIVE chances to win one of the fantastical designs from Jamberry Nails 

My opinions and views expressed in this post are strictly my own 

I would  also like to say a big thanks to Jamberry Nails for providing the products for this review and giveaway


  1. Courtni Nalley-

    1. Vintage Pink and Black Lace Burgundy Floral
    2. Courtni Nalley
    3. Courtni Nalley

  2. I like this design and the giraffe pink (already commented on their site)
    facebook name Sarah Barnes

    GFC prncesssarah02


  3. 2 Designs: Pink Paisley and Green Blue Purple Missing Polka

    GFC: Kirshten

    Facebook Name: Kirshten Garcia

  4. White skulls on black, Purple Green and Black Chevron
    GFC: Ace
    FB: Ace Filla Ash

  5. Favorite designs: Pink Black Check and Black Star on White.
    GFC: Shopping Addict / Andrea Trenary
    I liked the facebook page under Andrea Trenary

  6. This is so awesome! They look amazing!

    1. Favorite designs: (AH! This was SO HARD!) Vintage Green and Burgandy Paisley.
    GFC: BeeHappy
    Liked FB (Bee Justice)
    Twitter link:!/Bee_Polished/status/125213314476277760

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  9. only 2???

    1. Pumpkins and Ornaments
    2. GFC- Jeanne From NC
    3. (remove .'s around @ sign)
    4. Jeanne Tutt
    5. - in my giveaway's sidebar
    6. and 7. (remove .'s around @ sign)

  10. uh actually I can't find the newsletter sign up....

  11. I took of the newsletter because I cant find it either so you have 5 chances to win

  12. Gfc Arielle
    Liked on fb
    I like the multicolor pinwheels & the colorful swirls.

  13. =( I'm not a US resident =(

    Those are gorgeous though! and I love the sparkle accent =)

  14. GFC: PrettynLacquer
    I liked their facebook and I am a follower.

    2 fav prints: Decorative black and Burgundy Paisley.

    Thanks Jen <3

  15. GFC: Lindsey
    I like their facebook page as Lindsey Brannon =]

    2 favs:
    Black and White Damask
    New Star Fuchsia

    Thanks for a fun review and great giveaway =]! crossing my fingers =]!

  16. ACK! I also retweeted...don't disqualify meeeeee!!! Here's the link:!/Pixxie_Dust/status/128360257473875968

  17. pink and silver fishnet and pink black argyle
    gfc = naudii beautii
    I like jamberry nails on fb as tamira graham
    tweeted =]!/naudii/status/128461151985078272
    thanks for having this great giveaway!

  18. gfc= Jodi Davis
    I like Jamberry as Jodi Ott Davis
    My faves are: Pink Paisley and small multi polka
    shared giveaway here:

    thanks!! <3

  19. 1, Vibrant Pinwheel and Blue Leopard
    2. GFC: alixermixer87
    3. Facebook name: Alex Jasmine
    4. Facebook post:

  20. 2 Favorite Designs: the burgandy and blue paisleys

    GFC: Jacki

    facebook name: Jacki Gentry

  21. peripatetic33
    peripatetic33 at hot mail dot com
    1. Vintage Green and Dark Red Floral
    2. peripatetic33
    3. i like Jamberry Nails on facebook as Peripatetic Thirtythree
    4. i tweeted!/peripatetic331/status/132836388419801088

  22. I love candy cane and pink white zebra pattern :)

    I am a follower of The Exotic Lacquer via GFC as mango
    I liked Jamberry Nails on Facebook as princess janice
    I share ur giveaway via twitter as @janicevip:!/JaniceVip/status/132852414410788865

    thank u 4 this giveaway! i never tried before this product

    best regards


  23. I love Jamberry Nails! So many designs it's hard to pick just one! Lovin' it!