Monday, October 17, 2011

Color Change Topcoat Week Day One Red/Blue

I recieved some color changing topcoats from my polish mommy this week so every day I will be posting a different one with lots and lots of pictures and even a video or two....
and at the end of the week I may even have a surprise for ya'll
So today we start with Red/Blue this one is so pretty like really fun and kinda gives you like the flashy look at me nails and it was layered over black

All taken in Natural Light!!

No Flash

I am loving making these videos so ya'll can see the true beauty of the polish so expect each topcoat to have a video in the post  
Tommorows Topcoat is a toss up I might try the one that looks like peridot or something a little more fun colorful
So Stay Tuned....