Thursday, July 14, 2011

My First Swatch Post Funky Fingers!!!!!

So, Before I get started I <3 Funky Fingers because they are so bright and vibrant most of them were opaque in just one coat and a couple a from the scented line!!! So, Here we go!!
My Favorite Girl w/ No Flash
My Favorite w/ Girl Flash
Down To Earth w/ Flash
No Flash
From The Scented Collection it didn't really smell =0(
Kingston w/ Flash
No Flash
This one was really hard to get opaque also Scented smelled like Lemon Starburst
Cayman Island w/ No Flash
Cayman Island w/ Flash
I tried to show you the green shimmer but the light wouldn't let me
One of my Favorites 
Riot w/ Flash
Riot w/ No Flash
220 Volt w/ Flash 
(HK wanted to say hi)
220 Volt w/ No Flash
Power Play w/ Flash
Power Play w/ No Flash
 Pop Artist w/ No Flash
                                                                 Pop Artist w/ Flash
Mint Montauk w/ Flash
Mint Montauk w/ No Flash


  1. Hi! I'm new to your blog! I found your link on the Facebook group- Polish-aholics Anonymous... I like your blog!!!!!

  2. Lovely!! Hello to Hello Kitty too!! I love the 220 Volts! Then again you know how I feel about blues!

  3. Great first post.Keep it up.
    Pam @

  4. Hi Pam
    @ Laurie you made HK feel special lol...
    Laurie Nievin is my boo <3